We Have the solution to fluid Testing!

GWR has been involved with developing fluid test products for over 20 years and can offer you the only OE Approved Technology, tests that make it easy to determine the condition of any vehicles fluid in only 30 to 60 seconds. The best part is you can accurately determine the real age of the fluid not a guess as with the 30K, 60K, 90K mile method the Dealership system recommends. Get it exactly right the every time you lift the hood, so that customers come to rely on you as the expert and don't hesitate when you say it time to flush.

Fluids are the heart of our vehicles life, flush them regularly.

Fluid Tests for Brakes, Radiator, Transmission, power steering, Differentials, Oil (Diesel & Gasoline), DEF, Contamination and much more... We Have it all

Test Strip Systems, Radial Planar Chromatographic Systems, Chemical Analysis and more.

What GWR DoES...

Our company creates the finest and easiest to use Fluid Testing products and support tools.

Brake Fluid Test Strips

Universal 3-Way Radiator Test Strips

Diesel 4-Way Radiator Test Strips

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Test Strip System

Rradial planar chromatography (RPC) Sheets

Transmission Contamination Test Strip System

Why Choose GWR as your partner?

OE Manufacturer, Over 35 years in business, US Patent holder, In-house engineering, more!

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